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El Diablo Inc. is a commercial prop construction studio specializing in the fabrication of three-dimensional sculptures. The company was founded in the year 2000 by special-makeup-effects artist Dave Trainor (see Bio), and his talent and experience (he has been involved in the industry at a senior level since 1986) are the cornerstone of the business. We mainly produce realistic, life-size, human figures, and cater to the motion picture, museum, and commercial display industries. In addition to the experience Dave brings to the table, El Diablo Inc. draws on the talents of numerous artists with various skills to produce high-quality work.

New - Dave recently appeared on Calgary TV - Global News Hour at 6. Watch: The Business of Bringing The Military Museum to Life


Latest Works
Museum Figures Gallery

Museum Figures Gallery: Works that are on display across North America.

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Movie Makeup EFX Gallery

Movie Makeup FX Gallery: See familiar sculptures and appliances that are featured in major motion pictures.

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Museum Figures Makeup Effects
Museum Figures

El Diablo Inc. creates life-size, realistic, human figures, using an underlying metal armature, based on the human skeleton. This armature allows each figure the advantage of being poseable and adaptable to a number of different positions.


Makeup Effects

El Diablo has been employed in the movie industry as a makeup effects artist for decades. We have collaborated with various Canadian and American productions.


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