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Bio / Resume


Dave Trainor was born in 1960 in Ontario, Canada. He began his journey as an artist very early, fed in childhood on a steady diet of Hammer Horror, Ed “Big Daddy’ Roth, and the wonders of Disneyland and the Southern California culture.

At age seven, he began sketching animals, hot rods and monsters for his classmates. He moved on in high school to creative endeavours that included painting rock tour t-shirts for ten bucks a pop and selling them to his friends, family, or anyone else who would buy one. His post-secondary years were spent at the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he was exposed to the three pivotal cultural offerings that would shape his career:

  1. Seeing the first "Alien" film, directed by Ridley Scott
  2. Seeing Rick Baker’s work in "An American Werewolf in London"
  3. Discovering “Fangoria” magazine Issue # 6


Dave is proud to have served a variety of acclaimed clients:

Associations / Affiliations

  • El Diablo Inc. 2000 - Present, Owner
  • I.A.T.S.E. Local 212 1995 - Present, Member
  • Doneff Trainor & Associates 1994 - 2007, Co-Owner
  • The Gizmo Shop 2000 - 2003, Co-Owner
  • Red House Film Partners 1989 - 1992, Partner
  • Threshold Studios 1986 - 1992, Co-Owner


  • The Intenet Movie Database - IMDB
  • I.A.T.S.E. Local 212 - Homepage



Formal Education

Founder Dave Trainor of El Diablo Inc. attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Alberta, from 1981-1984.

Download Dave's resume for detailed information:


Contact Dave Trainor

Dave majored in Sculpture at ACAD and is currently enrolled in Dick Smith's Advanced Professional Make-up Course.

E-mail Dave

Awards / Nominations

AMPIA Nomination - Art Direction, Children's Day film, 1990

Fangoria Magazine Get-A-Head Contest Winner, 1986


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